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Lori-McDonald-Brilliance-Business-solutionsLori McDonald, CEO at Brilliance Business Solutions 

I’ve been a 1-1 coaching client of Rebecca’s since May 2015. Our business has seen some outstanding top and bottom line growth over the last year, and Rebecca was a key part of that happening.  

I have been working with ActionCOACH since 2006. While I was skeptical at first, I found that without an outside party to hold me accountable, I failed to address areas of the business that were difficult for me. Before ActionCOACH, I often stayed in areas that seemed safe and I fell into self limiting beliefs that held me back. ActionCOACH has been a key part of Brilliance moving from a 3 person business based on my home to a 10 person (and growing) team located in a downtown Milwaukee office. 

In the spring of this year, Rebecca facilitated Brilliance’s implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which I had self implemented pieces of a few years back after reading Traction. Having an outside facilitator and implementing EOS fully has been instrumental in a great year for Brilliance on a number of levels. It has created alignment for our company, clarity around where we are headed and what everyone needs to do to get there. We now have a leadership team that meets weekly, discusses issues that exist within the business with a new level of honesty, and works to solve them as a team. This has enabled us to grow, even in the midst of challenges. Rebecca continues to facilitate our quarterly and annual planning days. 

In our 1-1 coaching, Rebecca holds me accountable in my role as President & CEO. She asks great questions and gives me feedback on how I can be a better leader and coach to my team. She will encourage and challenge you to be your very best.


Jackie-Steinmetz-Accelity-MarketingJackie Steinmetz, Inbound B2B Marketer and Lead Generator, CEO at Accelity Marketing 

As a business owner without a partner, I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable until I started working with Rebecca. Rebecca helps me identify the areas in my business that need work and guides me to be the best leader that I can be. Almost one year into Action Coach, I can honestly say that with Rebecca’s guidance, I set and achieve goals much larger than the goals I would set alone. Every business owner needs a coach and I highly recommend Rebecca.




Kelly-Andrew-FilamentKelly Andrew, Owner and Chief Ideas Officer at Filament 

Rebecca is a results-driven coach who takes her client’s success and growth seriously. By teaching the fundamentals, holding clients accountable for their goals, and offering strategy, insight, and encouragement, Rebecca ensures the success of anyone who commits to her program. My business and team are growing based on Rebecca’s coaching – the investment is worth every penny.







Kelley-Miller-MRR-Soft-IncKelley Miller, Director of Business Development at MRR Soft, Inc. 

Rebecca has been an asset for me in my professional growth. The opportunity to network and refine my business development skills has been outstanding. She is great at getting to the root of any problem that could be keeping me from success. Any business owner would benefit from sessions with Rebecca. If you have any question about how my experience has been you can reach out to me personally.






Jaime Syring, Chief Executive Officer at Trans International, LLC

I cannot say enough about the EOS Model.  It has been transformative for us.   Having done 3-4 other outside business coaching systems/styles, this has been the one that keeps us grounded and working on the business as a leadership team.   You don’t need to carry the whole thing yourself!








Mara-Natkin-Artery-InkMara Natkin, Co-owner at Artery Ink

I started working with Rebecca at the beginning of the year and she has definitely encouraged me to think differently about my business. I’ve always had a lot of big ideas for my business but having Rebecca as a coach has really helped turn those ideas in actual steps of action. I love working with her because not only is she all about the hard work, she’s also all about the celebration and the self-improvement. She knows being a business owner isn’t just about business, it’s about you as a whole, and all the facets that make up your life. She is wise and her stories always have a great message behind them. She’s a great guide and a great resource – not pushy or mean in any way. Any business owner would be lucky to have her guidance!




John Leidy, Owner at JDBC Tax

And to think I was about to shut down and get a job! Instead, I decided to meet Rebecca and she has inspired me ever since. She helps me make sense of the parts of the business that are so important – the planning, the timing, the systems, – that I didn’t quite understand and makes sure I don’t get bogged down by too much head trash. Understanding, compassion, and accountability are just a few of the words I would use to describe my relationship with Rebecca. My business is moving forward better than it ever has!






Kelly Kuehn, Sales and Showroom Manager, ProSource Wholesale Milwaukee

“You’ve been a tremendous asset to my work and how I approach it.  I value my time with you tremendously, your input has had a direct and immediate affect on the business here in positive ways. “   








Amy Falluca, CEO / Founder, Bravent

I started working with Rebecca last year when I decided to scale my business based on the level of demand I was seeing. In a short amount of time I made great progress in setting the company up for success. I hired a team, updated my pricing model, and created scalable systems and processes.

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