ActionCOACH seminars and workshops are a great way to increase the success of your business. Does your company host educational events for staff? Are you looking for a relevant, engaging speaker for your next management meeting or special event? You’ve come to the right place. Rebecca is a seasoned speaker with a variety of topics to choose from. Read on to learn more and choose the right seminar for your organization.


Building Winning Teams

This is a great 2-hour ActionCOACH Seminar for businesses small and large. Whether you’re just starting to grow or you’ve got a full management team in place, winning teams are important.

The key component to team is communication. We begin this seminar by discussing the DiSC personality profiles. This learning will help you identify your own style, and that of your team members. This allows you to communicate more effectively, and choose the right hires!

Next, we move on to mindset and the keys to a winning team. We’ll discuss what it means to be a strong leader, share a common goal, and get clear on the “rules of the game” for your business. You’ll think about your action plan and whether or not your support risk-taking to get there. Finally, we discuss how to get 100% involvement and inclusion throughout your workforce.

You’ll take away ideas on how to create a culture where success is expected. Your team will appreciate your thoughtful approach to growing a great business.


Customer Service Improvement

This is an in-depth, 3-session (2 hours each) ActionCOACH seminar intended to discover areas for improvement in customer service. Prior to the seminar beginning, staff members are asked to complete a confidential online questionnaire.

Day 1 begins with a review of the results of the staff questionnaire. Answers from the team will help us identify strengths, and areas for improvement INTERNALLY, which will in turn help you serve your customers better. Next, we look at the DiSC personality profiles of the group in the room, and discuss how we can use that information to communicate better with each other, and with our customers. Finally, we review the Ladder of Loyalty to understand what needs to be done to move people from prospect to customer to raving fan who’s out there doing the selling for you.

On Day 2, we discuss the DiSC Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as THEY’D like done unto them.” We’ll take a more in-depth look at our own behaviors, and how we interact with our colleagues and customers. Next, we’ll take a look at Lencioni’s Pyramid which outlines the five dysfunctions of a team. Lastly, we’ll dig in to the top areas for improvement identified in the internal survey, and break into groups to brainstorm solutions.

Day 3 begins with one final assessment of DiSC and discussion about practical application of what we learned. Then, the small breakout groups from Day 2 will have an opportunity to share their findings and recommendations with the group. We’ll have some fun with awards and recognition, and wrap up with a plan to improve our teams and a commitment to improve customer service.


Creating The Vision

Is your business stuck? If you’re wondering how to get your management team moving in the same direction, this workshop is for you.

During this 2-day workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into your organization’s core values and core focus, resulting in a shared 10-year target. Next, we’ll discuss the marketing strategy. Finally, we look at the 3-year picture, and 1-year plan of action.

You’ll learn to establish each person’s quarterly rocks (or goals), and work through an issues list with great communication. For a sneak-peek into how this process works, download my FREE eBook on Business Growth Strategy. 


S.M.A.R.T. Goal-Setting for Accountability

Great for EVERY business, this is my signature ActionCOACH Seminar. When businesses commit to developing 90-day goals and put accountability in place, there’s no question of success.

Before the workshop begins, your team will be given a workbook. It’s recommended that each person take at least an hour ahead of time to work through the questions. When we gather, we begin with the ActionCOACH formula for success:

dreams x goals x learning x plans x action = SUCCESS!

Your team will define three individual S.M.A.R.T. goals, defend them to each other, and come away with a concrete action plan to achieve their goals in the next 90 days.


Management Communication

In this 2-hour ActionCOACH seminar, we’ll cover two essential communication tactics: DiSC personality profiling, and L+M=A (Leadership + Management = Accountability). We’ll also discuss the ultimate question: “how do we take your department to the next level?” This seminar is best suited for management teams

We focus on DiSC to help your team understand their own behaviors, and that of others. This valuable tool can help aid in team dynamics and employee retention, as well as customer service and customer retention.

In the L+M=A section, your team will discover the difference between the essential roles of leaders, and the essential roles of managers. To build accountability within your organization, you must have people who understand the difference between working “on” the business and working “in” the business. Both are necessary for success!

Finally, your team will be prepared to answer the question, “how do we take our department to the next level.”


Sales 101: How To Create Raving Fans

This 2-hour ActionCOACH Seminar is great for sales teams as well a customer service representatives, management teams, and more. Communication really is the key to sales. You must be able to identify the type of personality you’re selling to, and adapt to make the sale. With that in mind, we start this session with a review of the DiSC personality profile.

Next, your team will use the “Ladder of Loyalty” to better understand how people move through the sales process. The ladder moves individuals from suspects to prospects to shoppers to customers to members to advocates to raving fans. It’s important to remember that great customer service needs to happen at all stages of the ladder in order to cultivate raving fans, who do the selling for you.

Finally, we’ll talk about great customer service. Your team will learn to be proactive, innovative, consistent, and provide the WOW factor necessary.

Booking an ActionCOACH Seminar or Workshop

If any of the seminars above sound like a great fit for your company, contact me at or 414-324-0834. Because of my busy schedule, it’s best to book a seminar or workshop at least two months in advance.