ActionCOACH: Thinking Bigger For Your Business

One of the first exercises I do with my ActionCOACH clients is called the Dream Builder. As a business owner myself, I like to pose a few questions to make you think beyond today and this year. What do you want to have? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? I encourage you to think big. Then, we can work together to put goals in place that will help you reach those dreams.


What Happens When The Big Dream Falls Off The Priority List?

But, what happens when day-to-day business takes priority over the big dream? The emails and voicemails and mail start piling up. Employees need support and training. Customers require attention and service. There’s barely time to eat a meal, let alone think and focus on the big dreams that were there when you started the business.

I’ve noticed that this scenario is all too familiar for business owners, including ActionCOACH clients! One of the things that helps me keep my big dreams on the top of my priority list is to get inspiration from podcasts. I can listen to them while I’m out walking in the morning, or in the car between appointments. Here are a few of my favorite’s to get you out of a slump, and back on track to reach your dreams! 

quote_of_the_day_sean_croxton_actioncoach_rebecca_heidepriemSean Croxton, Quote of the Day

Matthew McConaughey made an appearance recently, with a great 7-minute show. His quote of the day: “The approach is the destination, and we are never finished.” My takeaway? Stop limiting yourself. Stay in the present and focus on your journey instead of jumping ahead into all of the what-if’s and maybe-then’s. 

marie_forleo_podcast_actioncoach_rebecca_heidepriemMarie Forleo, The Marie Forleo Podcast

Another short and sweet burst of inspiration. I loved episode 118, “Want The Courage To Do Anything? Ask This One Question.” I won’t give it away (and you only need 5 minutes to listen to this one), but let’s just say, it comes back to why we’re so afraid to think and act big. Failure (our our fear of it) is just a step on this journey toward our big dreams. 

this_is_your_life_podcast_actioncoach_rebecca_heidepriemMichael Hyatt, This Is Your Life Podcast

Are you sensing a theme yet? The episode that I’d like to share with you from This Is Your Life Podcast is titled, “What If The Barriers Were Only In Your Head?” When you’re stuck in the muck of being a business owner, it’s important to remember to address your limiting beliefs. 

My advice to ActionCOACH clients and business owners across the world is to stop limiting yourself, and allow yourself to think big. And in today’s world, you’ve got inspiration like this at your fingertips when you need a reminder. 

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