High Performance Habits – How ActionCOACH Clients Can Benefit

High-Performance-Habits-Brendon-BurchardOne of the ways that I stay on top of the latest business trends for my ActionCOACH clients in Milwaukee is by reading. My first book of the year was High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. One of the toughest things for a lot of my clients to achieve is building good habits! But, good habits are essential for business owners to be successful. 

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

In his book, Brendon asks:

“Why do some individuals and teams succeed more quickly than others and sustain that success?”

“Why are some miserable, and others happy on that journey?”

“What motivates those to reach for higher levels of success, and what practices help them improve?”

Here are my key take-aways from the six high-performance habits that Brendon recommends in his book:

1. Seek Clarity

When you focus every day on what you really want in life, what brings you the greatest meaning, who you want to be in this world, and how you want to interact with others, you’ll act differently. As an ActionCOACH, I often see business owners who are so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of their businesses that they forget to be clear on where they’re going. My advice? Cultivate the feelings that you want to experience! This is why I advocate for clarity breaks. Whether you set aside a couple hours per week, or a full week every quarter, you need this time to reaffirm what you want most. It’s a great habit, that most people don’t make time for.

2. Generate Energy

ActionCOACH business owners know how much energy it takes to create a successful business. Yet, sometimes they forget how to replenish that energy. We all burn the candle at both ends from time to time; the important thing here is to establish energy-giving habits. Some of my personal energizing habits include:

  • Bringing JOY into every day through a positive mindset – I use my “I am…” statements to get me started each day
  • Optimizing my physical health by prioritizing exercise, healthy nutrition, and sleep
  • Master transitions

3. Raise The Necessity

It’s important to make a habit of reaffirming your “Why” on a regular basis. If you’re clear on your purpose and goals, everything you need to do to achieve them will become more important. Think about who needs you on your A-game. 

4. Increase Productivity

All ActionCOACH owners want themselves and their team to be more productive. Great advice for this habit? Stop the “busyness” and pay close attention to increasing the outputs that really matter. Burchard shares the concept of “prolific quality output” in the book. The people who strive to produce more high-quality output over time are also those who make it a habit NOT to chase shiny objects, and who choose to get insanely good at their key skills. 

5. Develop Influence


Your job as a business owner is to teach people how to think, and challenge them to grow. By developing yourself as a role model for how others can be successful, you’ll develop influence. The habit you must develop is to continuously challenge yourself to think bigger, and lift others up. The example you set is true leadership. 

6. Demonstrate Courage

Business owners are some of the most courageous people I know. What takes practice for most is to honor the struggle. When things get hard, and you question whether you should even be doing this, figure out someone or something to fight for. It might be a person (like your family or employees), a cause (growing your local economy), or even yourself, and your wildest dreams. When you share your truth, and your ambitions with the people around you, you’re being vulnerable, but you’re also more likely to get what you need to keep on going. 


There you have key takeaways that I felt were important to share with my ActionCOACH clients first thing this January. I do recommend picking up a copy of High Performance Habits for yourself, and getting serious about implementing these best-practices this year. 

Ready to hold yourself accountable to developing high performance habits in your business and your life? Let’s talk. Contact me to see if you qualify for a free 1-hour consultation. 

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