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Your employees are your biggest asset, and they’re human, so how can you recognize them to keep them engaged and productive? In my years of business coaching through Action Coach, I’ve found that employee recognition is a crucial component of any thriving business.

That being said, allow me the opportunity to introduce you to employee recognition ideas that work and what steps you need to take to implement them. 


Business Coaching Can Help Define Effective Employee Recognition 

It’s important to remember that your employees spend more of their waking hours at work than they do at home with their own families. So, if you want to be a great employer, you need to set up a work environment that allows your employees to feel a sense of purpose and belonging. Implementing an effective employee recognition process is one – if not the most important – way to go about this.

As your Business Coach, I can help you define and put an effective recognition process in place so your employees are in line with your business’ values (and feel appreciated!). 

Let’s Start With The Fundamentals…


These 6 fundamentals will assist in building an environment where peers recognize and appreciate one another. Subordinates and managers are also able to do the same. Now, let’s talk about an action plan…

Create A Plan For Recognition In 4 Steps

Developing a plan for regular recognition will help you establish consistency (so you’re not just picking and choosing when to acknowledge people for their talent and dedication).

Here are four steps you need to implement:

  1. Tune In: Ask yourself, “did I recognize any of my employees/co-workers today, this week, this month…?”  
  2. Identify Who/What: Who is deserving of recognition? If you have subordinates, ask them to identify team members that should be acknowledged and for what.
  3. Choose a Method for Delivery: Consider asking the recipient to help you decipher whether formal or informal recognition is appropriate. Additionally, consider whether it’s beneficial to have the recognition take tangible or intangible form.
  4. Anticipate Recipient Responses: People are unique and therefore, responses to the same action can vary dramatically from person to person.

Employee-Recognition-Business-Coaching-MilwaukeeKnow How To Recognize Your Employees

The way people are treated at work powerfully impacts the way they feel about themselves as individuals. My blog on DiSC Personality Profiles can be a helpful tool for determining the best recognition for the personalities on your team.

And, as a reminder, if you’re not sure how your employee prefers to be treated, just ask. One of my clients asks her team every time they set quarterly SMART Goals: how do you want to be recognized once you’ve achieved your goals? It varies from employee to employee.

For example, one might prefer a social outing at the Escape Room. The other may want some relaxation time away from the office. Knowing how to recognize your employees can be as simple as…


Can A Business Coach Really Help Implement An Employee Recognition Plan That Works?

Yes! As your Business Coach, I will not only tell you how to implement an employee recognition plan that’s right for your business – I will hold you accountable to it! It’s critical that your process remains sincere, consistent, and inclusive.

Moreover, when my clients have implemented a good plan, they immediately see the value. Acknowledging employees for their work helps to build your business culture, employee morale, and keep five-star employees long-term. Wouldn’t you want that for your business?


Let’s get a working employee recognition process in place for you as soon as possible – trust me, it’s worth it. I’ve seen it work. Email me today to get started.

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