The DiSC Personality Test: Build a Strong Team & Loyal Customers


Looking to Build a Powerhouse Team? Devoted to Keeping Positive Client Relationships?

Consider tapping into the DiSC Personality Test. It’s an incredibly insightful tool used by over 1 million people every year. In fact, I rarely come across a successful business owner who doesn’t benefit from taking the DiSC Personality assessment.


DiSC helps to identify four different personality types, which helps us better understand human behavior in various situations. It also pinpoints our strengths and weaknesses. Businesses can and should leverage this information as it improves communication, team dynamics, and productivity. Furthermore, it can enhance client and vendor relationships once you understand an employee’s DiSC style.

Start Communicating More Effectively

The DiSC theory proves that observing how your client communicates – and knowing how to adjust to their communication style accordingly – is an important step to solidifying any business relationship. When you increase your number of authentic customer relationships, you instantly have a more loyal customer base.

Let’s Use the “D” Profile as an Example


As you can see, this person is talented at taking charge and getting things done. If a client or vendor of yours leans heavily to the “D” category, it’s to your benefit to be clear, brief, and organized with an agenda. This style of communication saves you from wasting your client’s time on long meetings or lengthy emails.

Now, Let’s Use the “I” Profile as Another Example…


You’ll win over this client by creating an atmosphere of excitement, fun, and variety. Try inviting this customer out for a cocktail, or to an event to build a personal relationship. This may even be how you have your meetings. Even though they are a seemingly informal personality type, make sure you summarize in writing who is to do what, where, and when.

DiSC Improves Team Dynamics

Do you wonder how some business owners seem to hire – and retain – the best people? You can only assemble a “dream team” if you know what’s missing from your current team dynamic.  What type of personalities need to come together to feed your business goals? If you recognize this early on, you’ll be successful at managing your team (and any conflicts that come up!).

Here are some other benefits for your team:

  • Develop effective managers, supervisors, and leaders
  • Train a powerful sales force
  • Improve customer service
  • Help with change and conflict management

If your business partner’s personality leans toward “S”, you may find the following qualities in their communication style.

Action-Coach-DISC-Personality-Business-CoachingWith this personality, it’s important to support their feelings by showing personal interest and actively listening. While it’s not always possible, offering guarantees and personal assurances will satisfy their concerns.

What if you, the business owner, is a “C”?

Action-Coach-DISC-Personality-Business-CoachingHelp your team be successful at communicating with everyone on the team, including you. If you lean “C”, you most likely need time to think, and need others to be comfortable with silence. You expect others to demonstrate with actions rather than words, so perhaps it’s time to get rid of unnecessary written forms of communication.

Using DiSC Puts You At A Different Playing Field


Utilizing your DiSC results means that you can stop wasting time with a communication style that doesn’t resonate. As a result, applying this knowledge to your business strategy allows you to play at a different level, which inevitably makes you a better business owner.

It’s important to note…

The DiSC model provides a common language everyone can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors with others. Certainly, maturity, education, and life experiences are all factors in our leadership and work styles. And, depending on the situation, we can exhibit one style more than another, as we are all a blend of these four traits.

What I do I like best about the DiSC Personality Test? This information can change an entire business strategy, for the better. If you’re ready to see an improvement in communication, team dynamics, and productivity, book your Business Coaching session with me today. 

It’s time to raise your standards.

ActionCOACH Clients Fall 2017 GrowthCLUB


I’m always excited for our quarterly GrowthCLUB sessions; this one had me feeling lots of gratitude and pride for the work that my clients have done over the last quarter. I’m eager to see how each business strives to reach their goals and close out 2017 strong. 

Here are a few of the incredible folks that I get to spend time with each week. I see part of my job as an advocate for each of them, and I encourage you to check out their businesses and see how you might be able to partner with them in the future! 

Business Owner Awards

I gave three awards this quarter, to extremely deserving owners. Read on to find out who and why!


The “Mindset” Award went to Gloria Ramirez and Mara Natkin of Artery Ink, for sharing their positivity and dedication to growth with everyone they interact with! (PSA: EVERYONE needs their product – from beautifully illustrated greeting cards to tee shirts, a calendar, and a coloring book, they’ll have something for your gift-giving needs!) These gals would also love for you to share their art on social media – you’ll find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” award went to Dave and Laina Johnson of Cabinetry by Artistic Design (Dave is pictured below with myself and BJ Parrott of Milwaukee Metal Products Co. and Laina is pictured below with Mara Natkin of Artery Ink). Dave and Laina are a father-daughter team who took their goals seriously in Q3 and have made super headway! 



Grace Under Pressure

The “Grace Under Pressure” award went to Jackie Steinmetz of Accelity Marketing for keeping her cool when a staffing situation went off the rails, which resulted in a win-win for her business and reputation. Jackie couldn’t join us last week, as she was in Boston for Hubspot’s Inbound conference – way to stay on the cutting edge of your field, Jackie!


GrowthCLUB Sponsors

I also want to take a moment to thank the businesses who sponsored Fall GrowthCLUB. These four organizations jumped on-board and shared some great info. throughout the day. Much gratitude to all of you!

Law Offices of Rick D. Steinberg

Rick Steinberg of the Law Offices of Rick D. Steinberg (pictured below, between Cortney Ihde of Executive Women International and Kamal Irani of STAT Transcription) shared that he not only specializes in estates and probate, but can help business owners with debt collection as well. 


JDBC Tax & Books

John Leidey of JDBC Tax & Books (pictured below with Gloria Ramirez of Artery Ink) asked our group how many of us like paying more than we should to Uncle Sam – then shared how he can help us understand and structure our businesses to pay less! 



Kelly Andrew of Filament (pictured below with myself and Dan Trimboli from Pure Sound & Vision) hosted the happy hour following the event. Her team joined us to take pictures, and I can’t stop raving about their online marketing services (ahem…it might even be someone over at Filament writing this blog!) 


Wisconsin Bank & Trust

Wisconsin Bank & Trust was my only non-client to participate in the day, but I knew from testimonials from a number of my clients that they are a great organization who want to support business owners. Nick Pierce, Business Banker (pictured below between Richie Burke from GoGeddit and Kelly Andrew from Filament) talked about the importance of being able to get a line of credit to a small business. 


Great Clients = Growing Businesses

It’s a pleasure to work with all of my clients, and I’m eager to see what they produce in Q4. Until next time, here are a few more shots of this incredible group of owners. 


Mara Natkin & Gloria Ramirez from Artery Ink, Jaime Hayden of Flying Squirrel Pilates, Torrey Nagel of Better Partners, Joel Walker & Allen Cooper of Ancilla Partners, Inc.


Sadie Tuescher from  Wisconsin Health Insurance Advocate and Joel Walker from Ancilla Partners, Inc.