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As a successful business coach, it’s critical that my clients believe they can achieve greatness. I stand by the philosophy that what we do – what we think about – what ideas and dreams we place in the center of our lives – it all has the power to take us to the next level and to steer us in the direction of success.  

Over the course of my career, I have seen incredible personal and professional transformations for business owners who trust that dreams do, indeed, drive results. This starts by asking yourself: what is it that I dream about – and, am I dreaming big enough?

You Must See It to Achieve It.

By using the ActionCOACH Dream Builder as a guide, you will be able to visualize your future of greatness. Prepare to think in terms of what you have, what you do, and who you are. These basic realizations will drive you to the results you want and deserve. In essence, you’ve got to see it to achieve it.


What You Have

Look into your future. Think about the physical items, the stuff, the things you own. What do you want to have? A boat? Jewelry? Your very own personal library? Get detailed.

Where is your lake house located? Or what is the view from your cabin in Aspen?

How many cars do you own and what kind?

How many millions are in your bank account?

Where do you entertain your guests? What do you serve them?  

Brad Sugars, founder of ActionCOACH, visualized his dream down to the red stitching on the leather seats of his helicopter. And – you know what? It came true.

Knowing what it is you want will help you get it.


What You Do

Now, let’s shift to the type of experiences, the adventures you want to have. For me, I dreamed of going on an African Safari. I saw myself exploring a new world, a new culture, and this dream became a reality only a few short years after thinking it was even possible. What do you envision for yourself?

Maybe you’re not a traveler. Maybe your dream is to receive a major award for your great work.

Maybe you want to have a large family, with spontaneous vacations and traditional evening dinners.

Maybe you want to meet your favorite musician – which, by the way, I know two business owners who decided that it was their dream to meet Katy Perry, they visualized it, and met her, almost by mistake!

Imagining what you do with your time, with your “things,” with the ones you love, is one step toward making that happen.


Who You Are

A great way to think about who you will be in your future: imagine how you want people to remember you. Start by thinking about what’s truly important to you.

Are you a spiritual person? Are you connected to your source?

Do you have close friendships – people who value you? Who support you? Who are fun, healthy outlets?

“I am…” Statements

After you’ve given some thought to your dreams, it’s time to write them down in the form of “I am…” statements. I’ve always got about 20 of these on an index card in my bag. I review them every morning, and again in the evening; I believe that I’m moving toward them on a daily basis. Phrasing them as if they already exist in your life makes you more likely to believe you deserve and can achieve these magnificent dreams.

Here are a few examples of what I envision for myself…

I define healthy and fit.

I am a traveler of all continents.

I am a mentor for my clients, I do not run their business.

I am an amazing coach, working with amazing people, who are doing amazing thing, and we are a getting amazing results.

I am uncomfortable and it feels great because it proves I’m growing!


Amplify Your Success.

Your Dream Builder is a tool to help you amplify your success. It all starts with a dream. If you were guaranteed that you’d achieve your dreams, wouldn’t you dream bigger? You deserve to build a business that will allow you the opportunity to get that cabin in Aspen. I’ll coach you to build your business so effectively, so successfully in fact, that you won’t even have to worry about running it when you’re enjoying that view.


Connect with me to learn more about creating a healthy, happy, successful business and life. I’d love to help you dream bigger.

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